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Intermediate and reception shafts for micro-tunnelling

POLYCRETE® prefabricated shafts are particularly cost-efficient when installed as sink shafts where the ground water level is high. The details of these sink shafts are tailored for their intended function and installation position, also taking buoyancy protection into account.

With their functions as intermediate and reception shafts they are an environmentally friendly and economical solution for micro-tunnelling. As a manufacturer with a comprehensive range of jacking technology we plan, design and produce intermediate and reception shafts in the dimensions required by the jacking machinery.

Of course POLYCRETE® sink shafts can be furnished for different purposes, e.g. as pump stations, valve shafts or measuring stations.


 meyer POLYCRETE sink shaft


Internal diameter

DN max.
Effective height
Effective height
Wall thickness

DNDN mmmmmkg/m
1600 1000 1200 > 10,0 145 2120
1800 1200 1450 > 10,0 160 2510
2000 1400 1650 > 10,0 200 3100
2600 1800 2100 10,0 175 3420
Guide values for dimensions and weights


Detail of concave bottom element installation
Detail of concave bottom element installation

First the underwater concrete and the steel reinforced concrete plate are installed. Then the POLYCRETE® base plate with the concave POLYCRETE® bottom element is set into the shaft as a special component and glued firmly to the shaft wall. Thus the consistently use of high-quality materials helps you achieve a completely sealed shaft space with corrosion protection all around.



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