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From the starting materials to the finished product, POLYCRETE® pipes and manholes have been completely controlled for many years. Whereas the monitoring of material composition, production and product properties was previously carried out according to the general building authority approvals of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), it is now replaced by the product standard DIN EN 14636, because POLYCRETE® pipes and manholes are building products made of polyester resin moulded material within the meaning of Building Rules List A, which officially classifies them as regulated building products.

Compliance with the product standards DIN EN 14636 and ISO 18672-1 is continuously checked and certified by the external monitoring body. In addition, POLYCRETE® jacking pipes comply with the approval of the Federal Railway Authority for laying under railway tracks.

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National admissions for meyer POLYCRETE products

Number Art Subject
21.41 lbzit
Zulassung des Eisenbahn-Bundesamtes „POLYCRETE®  – Vortriebsrohre aus gefülltem Polyesterharzformstoff (PRC-VTK) der Rohrdimensionen DN 200 bis DN 2000
für den Einbau im Druckbereich von Eisenbahnverkehrslasten

Similar to the DIBt, there are special authorities and institutes in other countries whose assessment and approval of construction systems is indispensable. With the help of our foreign partners, important approvals for POLYCRETE® pipe systems have been obtained in various countries in recent years.

International admissions for meyer POLYCRETE products

Land Number Art Subject
Poland AT/2009-03-1751 IBDiM
(Forschungsinstitut für Straßen und Brücken)
Rury kanalizacyjne POLYCRETE® MEYER z polimerobetonu wraz z lacznikami
(MEYER POLYCRETE® Abwasserrohre aus Polymerbeton mit Steckkupplungen )
Poland AT-15-7719/2008 ITB
(Polnisches Institut für Bautechnik)
Rury kanalizacyjne z polimerobetonu POLYCRETE® wraz z lacznikami
(POLYCRETE® Abwasserrohre aus Polymerbeton mit Steckkupplungen )
Poland AT/09-2010-0077-01 CNTK
(Zentrum für Wissenschaft und Technik)
Rury przeciskowe POLYCRETE® z polimerobetonu wraz z lacznikami
(POLYCRETE® Vortriebsrohre aus Polymerbeton mit Steckkupplungen )
Poland 582 5724 9 -132 GIG
(Zentrales Bergbauinstitut)
Wykonanie badan i opracowanie opinii o mozliwosci stosowania na terenach górniczych do
IV kategorii wlacznie rur przeciskowych POLYCRETE® Meyer z polimerobetonu o srednicach
od DN250 do DN2000
Belarus TC 01.1119.10 RUE Stroytechnorm
(Republikanisches Zentralunternehmen)
Polymerbetonrohre Kreisprofil „POLYCRETE VTK – PRC“ mit Innendurchmessern von DN250 bis
DN2600 für den grabenlosen Bau von Abwasserkanälen und Leitungen

POLYCRETE® products in general have been approved by the responsible ministry. In addition, compliance with the Dutch resolution on soil quality is proven by a corresponding product certificate (kiwa) and officially recognised by the state.

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