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POLYCRETE® - the ideal sewer material

For decades, polymer concrete, also known as “filled reactive resin moulding material” has proven to be a construction material of high chemical and mechanical resistance in industry and pipeline construction. Due to efficient production processes, high-performance formulas, high-quality components and technically mature pipe connections, meyer-POLYCRETE has succeeded in launching polymer concrete with the name POLYCRETE® as multifunctional, efficient, corrosion-resistant and dimensionally stable material in the public sewage sector. 

material and production

POLYCRETE® is resin-bonded concrete with the bonding being made by high-quality polyester resins only (without cement). The semi-rigid resin allows for tight bonding with pressure-resistant quartzite and high pressure and bending resistance required for the wide range of applications of the pipes in earth loads and live loads. Modern moulding technology ensures smooth surfaces and precise compliance with the connections dimensions that are the decisive factor for tightness - another reason for POLYCRETE® as a top product for economical channel materials with an extremely long life.

material specifications

Density [γR]: 23 kN/m3
E-Module (short time) [ERK]: i. M. 20.000 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength (short time) [σRBZ]: mind. 15 N/mm2
Long-term reduction factor for bending tensile strength (50 years): < 2,0
Compressive strength [σD]: mind. 90 N/mm2
Tensile strength [σZ] mind. 6,8 N/mm2
Shear strength [tS]:  mind. 8,5 N/mm2
Wall roughness [k]: max. 0,1 mm
Lateral contraction [ν]: 0,25
Dauerschwellfestigkeit (2 x 107 Lastwechsel bei 12 Hz) [2xσA]: 6 N/mm2
Substanation: [load alternation]: 2x 107
Frequency: [Hz]: 12

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