The all-rounder

Strong enough for high dynamic loads, stable shape, suitable for high-pressure cleaning and particularly impact resistant. The POLYCRETE® manhole meets all challenges for a sewer system during installation and operation - as required in practical applications. And at the same time it has the necessary weight for the desired bouyancy protection.

meyer polycrete SystemschachtThe POLYCRETE® system manhole is sturdy outside and impervious to attack from inside. It features high resistance to aggressive1) and hot2) media as well as to abrasion by very dirty waste water. It is smooth, non-porous, vapour-tight and joint-less up to the throat.

POLYCRETE® system manholes are individually manufactured and can thus be adapted to all connection and installation situations. They are delivered ready for installation and connection and can therefore be easily and quickly mounted.

You can connect your usual pipe system - including custom cross sections - to the POLYCRETE® manhole. Therefore POLYCRETE® system manholes are the ideal complement to any waste water pipe!

Through the use of POLYCRETE® pipes in combination with POLYCRETE® manholes you achieve a closed waste water system with consistently high quality and perfect resistance all around. POLYCRETE® system manholes and structures are delivered with factory-installed connection pieces.

* pH values of 0.5 to 14 possible for the media
** Temperature resistance of the base material for media temperatures of up to +85°C is possible.

meyer POLYCRETE system manholes

Internal diameter
DN max.
Effective height
Effective height
Wall thickness

mm mmmmmmmkg/m
1000 600 750 4,5 40 295
1200 800 950 5,0 50 435
1500 1000 1200 4,5 60 660
1600 1000 1200 4,0 60 705
1800 1200 1450 4,0 70 925
2000 1400 1650 5,5 90 1325
2200 1500 1750 5,5 100 1620
2400 1600 1900 8,0 140 2505
2600 1800 2100 10,0 175 3420
*larger effective heights are possible with custom wall thicknesses


 meyer POLYCRETE system manholes connection variants

Integrated plug-in systems and weld systems can be delivered as connection options for vitrified clay, PVC, PP and PE-HD.


meyer POLYCRETE - Sewer pipes | System manholes | Shaft structuresBrochure (PDF)
Sewer pipes / System manholes / Shaft structures

meyer POLYCRETE - Systemschacht BestellscheinBestellformular (PDF)

meyer POLYCRETE - Systemschacht LastangabenblattLastangabenblatt (PDF)

Werkstoffkennwerte - meyer POLYCRETE Bodenplatte für RundschächteWerkstoffkennwerte (PDF)
Bodenplatten für Rundschächte

Werkstoffkennwerte - meyer POLYCRETE Schachtrohre für Rundschächte DN 1000 - DN 1500Werkstoffkennwerte (PDF)
Schachtrohre für Runschächte
DN 1000 - DN 1500

Werkstoffkennwerte - meyer POLYCRETE Schachtrohre für Rundschächte DN 1600 - DN 2000Werkstoffkennwerte (PDF)
Schachtrohre für Runschächte
DN 1600 - DN 2000

Werkstoffkennwerte - meyer POLYCRETE Schachtrohre für Rundschächte DN 1600 - DN 2000Werkstoffkennwerte (PDF)
Abdeckplatten für Rundschächte