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For larger connection diameters, various different inlets and outlets and particular technical requirements the compact system manhole elements are often not sufficient. In such cases it is recommended to install POLYCRETE® shaft structures that are individually planned, designed and manufactured in close cooperation with the user for specific dimensions, loads and construction site conditions.

Oval and polygonal shaft structures are assembled in the factory in any necessary combination of prefabricated circular shell sections and flat panels made from polymer concrete. The structurally optimised designs allow a relatively thin wall thickness due to the high material strength. Thus external dimensions and weight are minimised, and even large structures can be transported and installed conveniently and at low costs.

Production in the factory is carried out under optimum conditions, independent of the weather, and ensures a consistent quality level of project-related complex engineering structures for the complete sewer system. Unsatisfactory compromises necessitated by on-site assembly are avoided, and the leak-tight connection of the POLYCRETE® shaft structure to the sewer system is assured through installation-friendly, integrated connections.

Cost, deadline and quality risks are thus avoided. The construction project is easier to calculate and almost always more cost-efficient for contractors and sewer system operators alike thanks to the quick and timely delivery of prefabricated POLYCRETE® shaft structures.

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